Is Empower Network Nothing But Hype?

Most people look for way to make legitimate money online at one stage or another. If you have then you will have undoubtedly unearthed Empower Network along your travels. Questions on this business are frequent, so much so that we decided to release this quick guide on what to expect from this program.

Today we look at the facts. Is this just another ’next big thing‘ home business or does it have the ability to be a genuine contender for a strong second income?

The most important, and most overlooked part, in any home business is it’s product package so that is where we will start. Here are a few simple facts concerning this business, followed by our opinion on them…

* This is a $25 per month membership.

* The main product members receive is a pre-built blog. Not just any blog, but an authority blog no less. What does that mean? Basically your posts are picked up and featured by the search engines very quickly, making it easier to get ‚recognized‘ in your particular niche should you choose to do so. And it works, we tested it.

* The second product comes in the form of training and support.

* And of course the home business is also available. Unlike most other programs of this type, this company is product driven and members are able to choose whether they wish to become an affiliate or not.

So now for the big question….

Is it worth $25 per month? Truthfully, yes and no. We feel that the main product is essentially a pre-made blogging platform which anyone could set up if they took the time to learn what each setting in their WordPress system means.

However, this business does have something working hugely in it’s favor. The training section is outstanding. We have seen so many home businesses lacking on this front that it was a refreshing change to be blown away by the depth and training on offer to it’s members.

There is no doubt about it, learning how to get the ball rolling is a tough cookie. The fact that they provide so much from the get-go really helps those who are prepared to help themselves.

This will not help everyone of course. After five years in online business we know that the main issue is people expect to get rich overnight. Any amount of quality training resources are fantastic but if people are not using them it won’t make a difference to their business. Which puts us back onto the main reason anyone should consider joining or rule it out… Yourself.

When you reach the affiliate plan you will either love it or hate it. At $25 per referral it certainly is very lucrative, however it does lack the appeal of payplans which come with a smaller reward per referral yet unlock a big residual income factor by rewarding you each time your referrals build their business, and so on.

The downside? This depends upon your personal view. We enjoy programs which also give you the ability to earn each time your downline build their business, which isn’t directly possible here apart from it’s simple two up system. However if you are looking for a way to earn large commissions then yes, you have found what you were looking for and probably more to boot.

Overall we recommend Empower Network as a solid home business. It will not change the world, but it may just change someone’s world. Depending on what you actually want to do in your home business, that could well be you.

About the Writer: Russ Howe is a global leading Empower Network sponsor. View his free Empower Network Review video guide right here to steadily increase your income in this opportunity.

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