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The Techniques In Beautiful Pictures Of Nature

Some artists pause when walking along the sea shore or the side of a mountain as the sun rises or sets. They exclaim that the beauty would be regarded as ‚chocolate box art‘ if they managed to paint exactly what they saw. But for a photographer some beautiful pictures of nature are just too good to pass up, and with careful composition the chocolate box feel can be lost leaving an ore inspiring image.

The painter has an advantage over the photographer when he sees a scene that he would like to paint. He can move objects around, shift them slightly or increase their size. The photographer has less room to manoeuvre. In some ways this can make his work more challenging.

Some professional photographers are given commissions to take pictures of the most photographed scenes in the world. One thinks immediately of the Christ statue in Rio de Janiero or the Great Wall of China. This creates the challenge of presenting the view in a new light, for someone who believes that it is not so much the subject, as the skill with which a picture is composed that makes the difference between a point -and-press person and a professional.

Another important aspect that many are aware of including novices is a foreground, yet it is frequently over looked. This should be an element that leads the eye into the scene or landscape. A pretty girl is commonly used in the foreground, but she runs the rise of becoming the main focal point or looking a little artificial. An overhanging branch or shrub can work well to guide the beholder’s eye further into the landscape. A foreground object should not be too prominent in itself because its function is really to usher the eye towards the scene and not attract attention to itself. It is a foreground and not a focus of the picture.

Lines are important in composition. Vertical lines can be used to suggest tension and horizontal lines expansiveness. Many photographers make use of the rule of thirds where an image should be divided with two vertical and two horizontal lines and that a focal point should be at one of the intersections, depending upon other elements in the composition. It is said that this rule helps to establish a balanced composition.

Other techniques such as getting the best distance between the subject and the lens are also important. A naturally talented artist may get most things right with very little instruction. However, even a talented person can improve through learning the basic rules and adding them to his repertoire of natural skills.

Beautiful pictures of nature cannot just be the outcome of rigidly prescribed and applied rules. Beauty and nature tend to have flaws and it is often these flaws that are responsible for the unique qualities of a scene. Nevertheless behind the colors, shapes and textures that make up the details of a scene there is usually an anatomy which is the foundation of beauty like the fine bone structure of an attractive face.

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Cheap Wii Games – The Cheapest Way To Get Wii Games!

Many versions of cheap wii games are present in the market, but for you to buy or download them, you need to ask yourself why they are cheaper than others. Try to investigate on their origin, the creators, the materials used, the equipment, the reputation of the vendor and the likely implications of buying them in this way. You will be able to weigh the pros and cons and differentiate the counterfeit from the originals.

It is likely that not all cheap wii games are fakes; the low price may come from lower operating costs as in online stores, direct sales by the creator cutting all the proxies, promotions, stock clearance, or the discs being second hard. When the player grows older and is no longer in interested in games categorized as children’s games, he may decide to sell his wii games.

As it is very easy now to make copies of cheap wii games, many unscrupulous traders pirate and reproduce copyrighted materials for commercial purposes. It is certain that the quality of the copied wii games fall. Thus you might get yourself discs that do not play at all in your games console.

Another disadvantage of cheap wii games is the loss of income to the people who worked hard to develop and produce the games. Piracy is a phenomenon that some believe needs to be erased from the surface of the earth for it exploits both the creator and the consumers.

Piracy, resulting in the availability of cheap wii games, also denies the governments‘ revenue in tax since this practice is always done in the black market.

In a positive attitude, the cheap wii games are a pat on the back for families trying to make ends meet. The acquisition of the games players are different. You might win it in a competition, get it as a gift, or even save for a long time to buy one.

Nintendo Wii game console enthusiasts can find it extremely hard to get all the newest original wii games. They are thus forced satisfy their urge to play their games by purchasing cheap wii games. Luckily, some wii game creators have specials at different times, thus giving us a chance to buy cheap wii games.

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Nikon D3100 Review of DSLR

Anyone can be a photographer nowadays. Digital photography has made taking pictures a lot less complicated via dependable methods. Film can get exposed and is often downright costly to pay for and develop whereas digital photography has made it as easy as point, shoot, upload. And with so much competition out there, software just keeps advancing.

The types of digital cameras also differ to fit different individuals. You have the classic point-and-shoot camera intended for taking pictures on the go. These are generally perfect for capturing special memories with family or friends. For veteran photographers, the Dslr model will serve best since it is designed after the standard single lens reflector camera but with digitized pictures. DLSRs provide far better quality intended for more artistic shots.

One way to modify an image (especially on a Digital slr) is to modify the lenses utilized. These lenses serve different functions and a wide variety is available to photography lovers. Standard, macro, wideangle, and telescopic are just a few examples of lenses available in the market.

For upcoming photographers some fundamental tips are essential. For starters, in DLSR cameras experiment with the manual option prior to checking out the pre-set capabilities simply because they are easy. Play with the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to get diverse outcomes in your photos. This is one method to develop your style and preferences in taking pictures. Do not count on the attachable flash for light either. At all costs don’t use a direct flash because the image will become flat and boring as if from point and shoot camera.

DSLR reviews can be seen on the net to help you select the optimum camera for your requirements. Whether it’s a basic point-and-shoot cam like the Canon Ixus or perhaps a professional DSLR from Nikon, there’s something available for everyone. To find the best of both worlds, you can also find hybrid cameras for portrait digital photography which can be compact just like the point and shoot models but come with more professional lenses.

Harland Dyrzra has been an avid photographer for over 12 years. To download this Nikon D3100 Review and learn about product specials, please visit the D3100 Review website.

5D Mark II Review of DSLR

Anybody can be a wedding photographer nowadays. Digital photography has made capturing photographs a lot less complicated via dependable options. Film could get exposed and can be expensive to pay for and develop whereas digital photography has made taking photos as easy as point and shoot. And with a great deal of competition out there, technology just keeps improving.

The types of digital cameras actually differ to fit different individuals. There is the classic point-and-shoot camera designed for taking photos on the move. These are ideal for capturing special memories with friends or family. For professional photographers, the Dslr type will serve best because it is designed after the standard SLR camera but with digitized photos. DLSRs produce far better quality meant for more artistic shots.

You will find there’s wide variety of lenses for professional D-SLRs. Digital slr cameras need various lenses for different types of photographs. A regular lens for basic photos, a wide-angle lens for pictures that capture a much larger area of scenery, telescopic for far off people, and macro lens that is used for that interesting close-up detail.

Generally there are a couple essential tips for taking photographs using a D-SLR. Composition happens to be an art which really should be done in a way that is pleasing to the viewer. Photography is simply another art that really needs this sort of composition to be effective. Focus on the subject as much as possible. If you wear glasses, keep them on when capturing the photo especially if you are using a DSLR. Getting a blurry photograph isn’t what you want. And finally, if you want to be artsy you can experiment with the spots from where you take the picture. A worm’s eye or bird’s eye view can be extremely creative and fun.

If you’re searching for a digital camera that would accommodate you in function, quality, and value, there are many reviews online. Whether it’s a Nikon D80, Canon Ixus, ESO Rebel, or some other brand, there are so many to choose from. You can find reviews and user’s views on the dslrs in online retailers like Amazon.

Nick Dyrzra has been an avid photographer for over 12 years. To download this Canon 5D Mark II Review and learn about product specials, please visit the 5D Mark II Review website.

USA Soccer Loses To Mexico At Azteca Stadium

An early goal gave the United States soccer team hope, but in the end the result of their World Cup Qualifier against Mexico at Azteca Stadium was a familiar loss. Mexico rallied for a 2-1 triumph in front of their home fans, sending the US to defeat for the 23rd time in 24 games at the venue. The US soccer record at the 105,000 seat venue is 0-23-1 with the best result the US has been able to muster on Mexican soil was a 0-0 draw in 1997.

The United States quickly silenced the raucous crowd of 100,000+ with a goal just eight minutes into the game. Landon Donovan threaded a perfect pass to a Charlie Davies who converted his four career goal in international play to give the Americans a 1-0 lead. It was the first time in history that the US soccer team led a match at Azteca Stadium.

Mexico would pull even just ten minutes later when Cuauhtemoc Blanco set up Israel Castro, who beat US goaltender Tim Howard with a blistering shot off the crossbar. That set the stage for Miguel Sabah’s goal in the 82nd minute which gave Mexico the come-from-behind victory. Mexico coach Javier Aguirre sounded simultaneously elated and relived with his post match comments:

„Today is a day to celebrate, drink a few tequilas, and then get back to work. Everybody will go to bed tonight a bit more relaxed.“

US Coach Bob Bradley noted:

„I think it’s a tight game and a fair score. It’s tough loss to have so many guys work so hard and then give up a late goal. The feeling inside is one of great disappointment.“

US forward Landon Donovan spoke of his teams performance and the difficulty in playing at the high altitude:

„We did a good job starting the game well and scoring. They made one play at the end that made the difference. It’s hard to play here, man. It wears you out. It’s just exhausting.“

The Americans finish up qualifying on Oct 10 at Honduras and at home against Costa Rica on Oct. 14. Mexico will play at Costa Rica on Sept. 5 and host Honduras on Sept. 9. Mexico will wrap up qualifying on Oct. 10 at home with El Salvador and at Trinidad and Tobago on Oct. 14.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and respected authority on football betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sports news and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Northern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former interior secretary James Watt.

Arena Football Returns To US Airwaves

Though it enjoyed solid fan support and was popular among sports betting enthusiasts, arena football fell off the map with the demise of the Arena Football League. The AFL suspended play under the weight of a poor business model in 2009 and later pulled the plug altogether. Since then, a new league has announced plans to take its place. Arena Football One (AF1 for short) will begin play in April and on Thursday secured a TV contract to broadcast games on the NFL Network in the United States. The TV deal should help the new arena football entrant to get off to a successful start as they attempt to revive the sport.

Superficially, there are many similarities between the defunct Arena Football League and the upstart AF1 circuit. Several former AFL franchises have joined the new league, with several others having previously played in the AFL’s developmental ‚minor league‘ known as Arena Football 2. The new league’s organizers are hoping that the similarities remain superficial, and have taken great pains to avoid many of the high salaries and dimwitted business decisions that doomed their predecessors. They’ve also learned from a crucial error of the AFL and will coordinate promotion and publicity of all teams as well as the league as a whole at the corporate level. Ultimately, they’ve realized that the product wasn’t the problem; management doomed the original AFL.

The original Arena Football League also made the mistake that many growing companies make in trying to grow too big too fast. Though the league prospered for years by keeping a tight rein on player salaries and team budgets, in the past few years there had been a drastic upward spiral in the cost of player contracts. A division between old line owners dedicated to fiscal responsibility and deep pocketed newcomers (including 80’s rock idol Jon Bon Jovi) anxious to spend as much as they wanted further exacerbated a business model that became more and more unsustainable. They lost touch with their average fan, a fact evidenced by downright bizarre choices in halftime entertaining including poetry readings, figure skating exhibitions and wombat racing.

The AF1 deal with the NFL Network is for one year, with a network option for a second year. The NFL Network will air a ‚game of the week‘ every Friday night beginning in April. In addition to providing a good broadcast outlet for the fledgling league it also provides some much needed off season programming to the NFL’s 24/7 cable network.

Though Arena Football 1 is the largest and best known arena football league, there are actually two other leagues that will begin playing in the coming months. While most are focusing on smaller markets than AF1, the American Indoor Football Association (AIFA) and the Indoor Football League ( IFL) are also in the mix. Eventually, the AF1 will prevail as the top level arena football league with the other two circuits serving as minor league developmental partners.

Ross Everett is a widely published freelance writer and highly respected authority on NFL football betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and online sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and an emu. He is currently working on an autobiography of former interior secretary James Watt.

1997 Bally Cirqus Voltaire: Underrated Classic Of Modern Pinball

The video game is now a ubiquitous part of American pop culture. Pinball, however, is still much cooler. Though there’s been a lot of consolidation in the pinball industry in recent years, the quality of modern games keeps improving. This is due, in part, to improvements in technology–though not at the expense of first rate playfield design. Pinball went through a few lean years during the early years of the video boom, when designers tried to cram as much stuff onto the playfield as possible, perhaps feeling the clutter was needed to replicate the video game experience. In recent years, however, designers appear to have concluded–and rightly so–that pinball cannot be a video game, nor should it want to be.

A great game of recent vintage is the 1997 Bally release „Cirqus Voltaire“. The theme is sort of a ‚Cirque du Soleil“ on acid, and the iconography of the circus that they cram into the design and play of the game is amazing. The ultimate object of the game is to „join the cirqus“, which, of course, is a classical American archetype of freedom and escape. Yet this „Cirqus“ is not a Norman Rockwell vision of juvenile fun–there are a lot of sinister undertones as well, including evil ringmasters and an almost palpable feeling of sleaze. The clowns here have more in common with the Simpsons‘ ‚Krusty the Clown‘ than with Emmett Kelly.

The game play offers a lot of what we’ve come to expect from Williams/Bally, with sweeping ramp shots, clever uses of time-worn features (like the disappearing pop bumper, reincarnated here as a balloon. This feature dates back to the 1950’s and appeared on Williams „Gusher“ among others), and multi-ball a-plenty. As is very common with pinball games today, the game’s ultimate object is to work your way through a variety of ‚modes‘. Sometimes this is a confusing endeavor, but here is very easy to understand–yet still very challenging to the player.

At its nadir, pinball companies were cranking out games featuring themes and subjects that offered little, if any, synergy with game play. The low point might have been some of the celebrity tie-in games of the early eighties (which gave the world debacles like a Dolly Parton and Roy Clark tie-in). „Cirqus Voltaire“ on the other hand is an almost perfect synergy of subject and gameplay experience.

The really great thing about the game is the multiple levels of contextual awareness it offers. A slack jawed yokel can play it and just think its a nice game about the circus. To a cleverer player, it alternately provides a celebration and condemnation of the circus and, deeper still, of the popular culture that spawns and embraces them. This is not a new notion for a pinball machine to offer different levels of interpretation of seemingly innocuous events (it dates back to the pioneering artist Roy Parker, if not before) but in recent years it may not have been done more deftly than in Cirqus Voltaire.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and respected authority on NFL football betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and an emu. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

Cro Cop Takes On Choi At Fields Dynamite

The bizarre career path taken by Croatian striking machine Mirko Cro Cop will continue on New Years Eve in Tokyo as he faces 72 Korean kickboxer Hong-Man Choi in what should be the final addition to the K-1/DREAM combined show called Fields Dynamite!

For Cro Cop, its another stop on what has seemed like a meandering professional course full of much talk and little action since his departure from the UFC. In September 10, 2007, Cro Cop had just won PRIDE’s Open Weight Grand Prix in dominant fashion. Some were suggesting that he, and not Fedor Emelianenko, was the best heavyweight fighter in the world.

Cro Cops upset loss to Gabriel Gonzaga changed that and his career his never really recovered. In what was supposed to be a „tune up“ bout, Gonzaga smothered Cro Cop and roughed him up on the ground before unleashing his own version of Cro Cop’s signature kick. Mirko never saw it coming, and he crashed to the mat like he’d been shot with his leg folded awkwardly beneath him.

Since the loss to Gonzaga it has been almost impossible to keep up with the various twists and turns in Cro Cop’s career. After another UFC loss, this by unanimous decision to Cheick Kongo where Cro Cop looked listless and gun shy, his management announced that he had suffered a broken rib in the first round and was having trouble breathing.

Its been an eventful year for Hong Man Choi as well. 2008 began with a loss to Fedor Emelianeko on the Yarrenoka New Years Eve event, in which the Russian fighting god briefly struggled with Choi’s 7’2″ 330 pound frame before submitting him. In April, he joined the Korean army for his compulsory military service only to be relived from his duties after medical tests discovered a brain tumor. The tumor was removed in June, and Choi was back in the ring in late September.

Tanikawas comments notwithstanding (and with the realization that they may be as much storyline as anything else) Choi is really the same as hes always been. Hes a physical mismatch for any opponent and while his striking style is awkward at best, it has proven to be reasonably effective. His reach is insane, and his size allows him to get a ridiculous among of leverage from his knee strikes. Not sure why Tanikawa is just now realizing that Choi isnt Ernesto Hoost, but hes a surprisingly skilled fighter who uses his unique physical attributes to their best advantage.

This fight isn’t about competition as much as it is about commerce. Cro Cop remains one of the most popular foreign fighters in Japan, and with the proven success of freak show matchups this may have been the most attractive opponent for him from the promotions standpoint. Its a fight that Cro Cop should win, and in Japan at least a victory over Choi would have at least some significance. At the same time, Choi’s size combined with Cro Cops recent reticence to throw punches and kicks makes it a potentially dangerous matchup for the Croatian striking machine.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and highly respected authority on baseball betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sports news and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

New England Tops Philadelphia As Tom Brady Returns

Tom Brady returned to NFL action and looked good in limited playing time as the New England Patriots opened their preseason schedule with a 27-25 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Brady played into the second quarter, moving well and showing no lingering effects of his knee surgery. He completed 10 of 15 passes for 100 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

The Patriots also rewarded their NFL preseason financial backers by winning outright as a +2 road underdog. The combined 52 points scored shattered the posted total of 32 for an easy OVER. With the Pats and Eagles putting 27 points on the board in the first half, the total had almost been surpassed by the halftime break.

Bradys solid play was no doubt a heartening sight to Patriots fans, though he had little to say after the game on the specifics on his performance:

„I need the work, we all need the work. You can’t duplicate this on the practice field.“

Instead, Brady focused on the less tangible aspects of being back under center:

„There’s no place I’d rather be. This is the place where I probably have the most fun and enjoy it the most. Preseason game doesn’t have quite the feel of a regular-season game, but to be out there on the field with my teammates and celebrate after a win, and the bus ride home … those are the things you probably enjoy the most.“

Tight end Chris Baker was more effusive in discussing Bradys comeback effort:

„I thought he was sharp. He went out there and moved us up and down the field and put some points on the board.

New England took a 21-6 lead into the locker room at halftime, but would have to hold on for the victory after Philadelphia responded with a 16 point third quarter. The third period onslaught allowed the Eagles to hold a significant edge in most offensive categories including total yardage and time of possession.

Brady, the two time Superbowl MVP, sat out the entire 2008 preseason with an undisclosed foot ailment. Hes expected to get a significant amount of playing time in exhibition games this year, however, as he tries to regain his regular season form.

Next up for New England in preseason action will be the Cincinnati Bengals, who come to town on Thursday, August 20th. Philadelphia will play at Indianapolis against the Colts on the same night.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and noted authority on football betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Southern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former interior secretary James Watt.

Ben Henderson Bests Donald Cerrone In WEC Epic

No one knew quite what to expect in Saturday’s WEC Interim Lightweight Championship battle between Donald Cerrone and Ben Henderson. Henderson was known for his dominating wrestling skills, while Cerrone has a reputation as a punishing striker. Instead of being a clash of styles, however, it was an instance where the differing approaches of the two competitors complimented each other perfectly. The result was a ‚fight of the year‘ candidate bout that Henderson won by a narrow-yet unanimous-decision.

Henderson opened the fight with a takedown, but quickly got caught in a guillotine choke attempt. He extricated himself from this predicament only to find himself in a triangle choke that appeared for a moment to be a potential fight ending submission. That would not be the case, however, and Henderson would take control in the last half of the round with his powerful takedowns and ‚ground and pound‘ punching assault.

Rounds two and three were all Henderson, as he took Cerrone down almost at will and began to pummel him on the ground. Cerrone managed a couple of submission attempts from the bottom, and did what he could to keep Henderson off of him with upkicks but nowhere near enough to salvage either round. At times, Cerrone looked downright clueless as to what tactical approach to take.

The tide would turn again in the fourth round, as Cerrone began to time Henderson’s takedown attempts. He became much more difficult to get to the ground, as well as administering punishment of his own after stuffing takedowns with punches and knee strikes. Later in the frame, Cerrone came close to ending the fight when he locked in a nasty and unorthodox choke that WEC commentator Frank Mir described as ‚almost an inverted rear naked choke‘. After some tense moments, Henderson was able to escape. Cerrone would also control the final round, evading Henderson’s takedowns while scoring with his striking. He had another potential fight ending submission attempt in the fifth round, as he locked in an arm bar and appeared to have good leverage as he twisted Henderson’s arm into a nasty angle. Nevertheless, Henderson was able to escape and finish off the fight.

The decision itself was somewhat surprising, with Henderson winning all three judges‘ scorecards by identical 48-47 scores. He’d clearly won rounds two and three, while Cerrone was the obvious winner of rounds four and five. This meant that all three judges had given the edge to Henderson in the first round, favoring his takedowns and ground punching attack over Cerrone’s two early submission attempts. (The Savage Science scored the fight 48-47 for Cerrone).

Henderson will now face WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner to unify the titles. Varner entered the cage after the decision was announced to ‚cut a promo‘ on the winner, and suggested the fight take place in December in Phoenix, Arizona though neither the date nor venue has been finalized.

Ross Everett is an extensively published freelance writer and a noted authority on sports gambling and horse racing. He contributes NFL betting picks for a number of websites. He lives in Southern Nevada with three dogs and a pot bellied pig.